a versatile team
to meet
different needs


Does TRUEL IT provide also classic security consulting services?

Yes. TRUEL IT relies on a team of industry veterans, experienced also in standard consulting services such as penetration testing, vulnerabilty assessment and code review. Our experts come from years of activities for government or high-profile organizations such as, for example, banking institutions, industrial, transport, investigation and telecommunication companies. We provide different solutions in order to test and keep your company secure.

Does TRUEL IT deliver also security trainings?

Yes. TRUEL IT team has experience in delivering highly technical and customer tailored trainings, addressed to security professionals, governments and companies. You may attend one of our trainings in three different forms:

  • Enroll in one of the training classes we periodically hold;
  • Attend a conference, in which we provide a training;
  • Inquire for a private engagement;

All the information related to periodical trainings and conferences will be published on our websites and social accounts.

Is TRUEL IT available for custom, non-standard or contract works?

Yes. We are open to and interested in new partnerships and collaborations, even non-standard ones. We think that the more challenging a task is, the more interesting.

Contact us for further information.