behind every
security professional
must be an
enthusiast geek


we exist to equip our customers with exclusive intelligence and technology
about the unique zero-day vulnerabilities we discover in-house, in order
to improve their security and provide effective proactive defense.

TRUEL IT is an Italian research-driven security firm, operating worldwide, providing exclusive zero-day capabilities and tailored on-demand research, along with cutting-edge security consulting services.

Founded in 2015 by a group of young industry veterans, aiming to stand out from obsolete models, TRUEL IT features highly-skilled Vulnerability Research and Red teams, with years of experience as security researchers and penetration testers for a high-profile clientele, such as banking institutions, multinationals, telcos, industrial companies and governmental organizations.

In a field where too often quantity is preferred to quality, we set ourselves the goal of excellence.


Filippo Roncari

Chief Executive Officer | Security Researcher

Andrea Palazzo

Chief Technology Officer | Security Researcher

Leone Pontorieri

Chief Legal Officer | Security Researcher